Bespoke Corporate operations consulting.

A Corporate Operations Consultant is a multi-skilled, reliable solopreneur who works personally with you and your team providing ongoing administrative support.


You will have the assistance of a professional, like Cândida, who can adapt to your workflow at lightning speed. She will deal with the routine corporate tasks and processes that are vital for the governance of your organisation.


Coporate Operations Consulting

Over the years as a consultant, Cândida has assisted clients virtually and on-site with the following tasks


Strategically organising your corporate digital files will change the way you work


Routine corporate tasks and processes can be easily delegated



Your KYC documents in order to be accessed by third parties when applicable


We adapt to the project, not the process.


Adaptability & flexibility

Work can be done virtually or on-site with you and your team, for as long as necessary: one day, one month, or year…

You decide.


Your workflow and turnaround will be improved due to clear communication, targets and deadline control. This means fewer things to worry about and more time to focus on growing your business.

Premium services

High quality, professional and timely performance no matter the task.



This is what they have to say.

Cândida has provided outstanding independent consulting services to Private Equity & Real Estate Investment Funds clients of the Greenfield Group since April 2015.

She is a consummate professional, demonstrating exceptional client service as well as a strong work-ethic and good technical ability.

In addition, Cândida has a very strong networking, customer management and commercial development skills. I am happy to recommend her services anytime!

Christopher Purdy

Managing Director, Greenfield Group

I worked with Cândida for over a year in a wide variety of projects. Execution is one of the words that best defines her. She engages in projects and executes them.

She stands out for her dynamism and ability to transform new ideas into new products.

Not only she has demonstrated to be a problem-solver, but she also has excelled in helping teams to see the outcome of the projects through their own lenses.

Leonardo Mäder Furtado

Legal Counsel

I had the pleasure of first working with Cândida Nedog as a volunteer for my TEDxLuxembourgCity event. I can best describe her abilities by saying that immediately after the event I asked her to be the official co-organiser. She has since been co-organiser for all my events including last year’s event at Philharmonie which sold out to 1200 attendees. Cândida is -quite simply- the most skilled people-person I have ever worked with. She gets things done with everyone involved smiling. She is incredibly organized, multi-tasks effectively, delegates where necessary and handles problems calmly but conclusively. The success of our events is directly attributable to Cândida’s incredible skill set.

Dirk Daenen

Organiser, TEDxLuxembourgCity



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